Surf Beginner 

Surf is not just a trend anymore!

The consciousness of how important it is to have a healthy life, to be more connected to nature and with time to enjoy the simple things in life have been growing for the last few years. To Surf and to be in the ocean, is just an expression of this intention.

For all of us, travelers, it’s been tough to find a safe surf trip destination due to the pandemic.

Luckily, in Europe we can find some world class waves for all surfers, from beginners to more advanced.


Portugal: Europe surf pearl

Beautiful Portugal, has been recognized as one of Europe’s best surf destination.

The unique geography, creates a pretty consistent wave machine all year around. On top of the good flight connections, the very affordable lifestyle as well as the friendly people and amazing food, Portugal is considered one of the most visited countries for those looking for a first experience as surfers as well for the advanced surfers.


Best time to surf in Portugal?

Portugal’s coastline is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The exposition to consistent swells is the reason why we guarantee good waves all year around.

From April/ May until September is the perfect time for a beginner surfer to jump in the water and have the first experience while the waves are usually smaller and the weather is warmer.

From September until March, the bigger waves usually reach the coastline – perfect for the advanced surfers. However, during this period, our surf instructors know the best beaches to take the beginner, providing a real surf experience.


Where should I stay?

The Peak Surf House, located in the stunning Natural Park of Sintra – just 25 minutes from Lisbon, is the best place where one can have a real and authentic experience in Portugal.

At The Peak House, you can get your first surf experience in some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, eating the most delicious food in Sintra and Lisbon, and sharing these experiences with us and with other guests in the house.

We recommend you to stay in the house for a week where you will experience surf, yoga, hikes along the coastline as well exploring the mystic hill of Sintra by bike.


Take a look on our accommodation Packages – The Peak House (thepeaksurfhouse.com)


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