Private Surf Class

From 100€

The best way to learn how to surf is through personalized private surf instruction from The Peak Surf House. In our private surfing lessons you will receive one-on-one instruction on the beach and in the water, ensuring your safety and optimal learning curve. Our private surfing lessons are scheduled according both to your desire and the surf conditions.
First time lessons consist on some theory at the beach just before stepping into the water – so you can have some value information of how everything works in the water (15/20minutes), and 1.25 hours of personalized water time. Our proven and professional instruction methodology offers a step-by-step approach to your skill development. Second and consecutive lessons consist of all water time!
Come let our world class and highly trained certified instructors teach you the fundamentals of surfing so you’ll taking the most out of the session. Get the high quality attention that you deserve and the professional instruction that you expect. All sessions emphasize safety and fun, but we also take the next step in teaching our guests to read the ocean and judge waves so they can start to build their own confidence.

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