Our Diary

Here you can find updates of the news in the area and what we have been doing at The Peak House. Enjoy!

Xicogaivota by Ricardo Ramos – Portuguese artist and plastic beach colletor


Do you believe in Superheroes? We do, and today we visited another one.   Ricardo Ramos, aka @xicogaivota likes to see himself as a Maestro that through the plastics found and collected from the beach, he develops unique pieces of art to express the frenetic consumption we live in nowadays.   What has started some […]

WSL 2023 Rip Curl Pro Portugal


Portugal is Calling!! The third Championship Tour event of the year is fast approaching – March 8 – 16. For more than 10 years now, the world best surfers come to Portugal to compete and sum up important points to the Ranking. Last year the banks at Supertubos were firing and we witnessed heavy barrels, […]

A Surf House where you feel like Family


Hanging Out With Diogo & Duarte, The founders of The Peak House.   If there’s something that Diogo and Duarte share as brothers it’s their passionate about traveling, seeking new places and discovering cultures. That’s how The Peak House was born – a surf house where you feel like family. Good energy is present in […]

Anouk and Nigel @The Peak House


For the past days we had the pleasure to host our friends Anouk and Nigel from Netherlands, to stay with us in the house for a week full of experiences. Since the surf classes, the yoga sessions in the house, riding horse at the beach as well trying our delicious Pizzas made on the wood […]

Celebrate Spring – Surf and Music Fest Lisbon


To celebrate the Spring coming this April 16th, we will be with our partner @+351 at their Lisbon store from 6pm to 9pm. Join us. Some news and giveaways to be announced. Live Simply.

Surf Beginner 


Surf is not just a trend anymore! The consciousness of how important it is to have a healthy life, to be more connected to nature and with time to enjoy the simple things in life have been growing for the last few years. To Surf and to be in the ocean, is just an expression […]

Surf Camps in Portugal


Everybody wants to stand up and ride a wave. Portugal has never been so popular as a surf destiny as it is now. For the last 15 years the world has recognized Portugal as world class surf destiny.   The number on sunny days in a year, the good food, the friendly welcome of local […]

The best time to surf in Portugal


Portugal is gaining fame for the consistent waves all year round. Every year the world best surfers and the new rising stars fly over Portugal from January till December to compete and surf the best waves that Portugal has to offer. A country with less than 700km length of coastline, makes it very accessible to […]

Join our Yoga Sessions


Don’t take it too seriously 🧘🏼‍♀️

Gathering on a full moon night


Our kind of gathering on a full moon night. On a circle around the fire, roasting marshmallows, laughing and sharing good memories 🌚

Join our Surf House


What’s not to love about having the best meal of the day with a great view? Join us at the house!

Surf House


Happiness and seasonal fresh fruit on the menu today 🍉

Surf around Lisbon


For the last 15 years, surf has had a huge impact on the tourism of Portugal. With more than 600km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of surf spots for every surf level, from the beach breaks – either foamy waves for the beginners or some good wedges for those who are […]

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